I have many years experience working independently, initiating and responding to specific sites in public places with organisations such as the Institute for the Future of the Mind, Hopkins Architects and Slough Museum outside of a gallery context and without any formal critique. My mixed media installations are often made from discarded and found materials exploring ideas about inside and outside, containment, shelter and sanctuary.

I am concerned with notions of the absurd, the elusive, working with small fragments, the ephemeral, traces, time standing still, the point at which something might or might not be about to occur. I explore the fragile, the insecure, the precarious. I am inspired by disruptions created by nature and the elements, specifically the havoc wreaked by wind and storms, or small changes caused by the flutter of a breeze or a change in the levels of light. My working process is open - ideas are fluid and contingent, kept or saved, discarded and re-worked - given new life.